Ultimate IoT Basic Kit

Get introduced to Internet of Things (IoT) to control equipment locally and beyond boundaries. All-inclusive kit covering Dashboard, Project Videos and Trainer Support.

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Projects to Learn


Hrs of Engagement


Parts inside the kit

  • Internet of Things Concepts
  • Local & Remote Control
  • Video-based Learning
  • Sensors & Output Devices
  • On-demand Support

Product Type: Kit Based

Series: Mini Kit

Age Group: 10 and Above


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Engage with IoT to control equipment Remotely !

Learn an emerging technology to build contemporary skills and to read sensors to control devices locally and from anywhere in the world.

Introduction to Volume-4

Dashboard-driven, Step-by-Step approach including learning Videos, Project Ideas, Circuits, etc to have a seamless Learning Experience.

Unboxing the Kit

Identify Sensor, Output Devices, Microcontroller, Connectors, Coding, etc supplied along with the kit to apply IoT concepts.

Engaging Students is Essential for Effective Learning

Designed and Developed by industry experts in collaboration with academicians to ensure an engaged learning experience.


  • IoT Concepts in Action
  • Local and Remote Control
  • Sensors & Output Devices
  • Video-based Tutorials
  • FREE Personalized Dashboard
  • Project-based Learning


  • Solve real-life problems
  • Collaborate with others
  • Hardware & Coding Included
  • Basis for Advanced Concepts
  • Upgrade to Machine Learning


  • Learn Essential Skills
  • Logical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Kit for Life-time usage
  • Solve real-life problems


  • On-demand Support
  • Peer-Networking
  • Shipping for 500 Gm product
  • Share projects and Win goodies

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