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A Fun-to-Build, Multi-Functional, Programmable and Autonomous Bot with Mods to explore AI through the lens of Robotics.

BEatle BOx
BEatle BOx
  • 2 Free Online Sessions
  • 3D Printed Parts
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Self Learning Videos
  • Mobile Application
  • 100+ Skills to Learn
  • Code Instructions
  • Upgrade to ML & AI
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Product Type: Kitbased

Series: Autonomous Robot

Age Group: 8+ Years


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9 in 1 Bot


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How Does it Work?

BEATLE is a unique 3D printed bot with different mods and skills. Build the bot, learn to code and control through mobile app. Hours of learning engagement is assured.

Bluetooth Control :
Download AITinkr App on your Arduino or iPhone and connect with Beatle. Gain control over the bot to test its skill. Have an effective learning and playing experience.
Interesting Mods:
We have designed interesting mods or extensions to be fitted to the bot to try various skills. These mods could be used to customize the program and solve real-life problem.
Coding & Skills:
Learn to code and showcase your skills like never before. Beatle is a versatile bot that could be put to work at various levels. Modify and customize code as per your requirement.

Explore BEATLE

A Multi-functional Bot

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Explore mobility and skills through this programmable bot. Learn to build and code through interactive sessions. Try new skills using the sensors and modules supplied in the kit. 9-in-1 bot: Line follow, Wall follow, Autonomous Bot, BT Buggy, Flicker, Proclainer, Rammer, Forklift, and Pick & Place.

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Beatle is a brainchild of our inhouse designers to make a premium bot that also helps in learning robotic concepts and yet have fun. You could even gift it to share a great experience.

Unboxing Beatle

It is your learning and play bot. Try simple to complex skills using mods and learn to code while having fun with it.

How to Build ?

Just follow the instructions and build the bot in no time. Of course, you could have hours learning while coding for each skill.

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Where to Buy ?

Right here. Select your favorite color, accessories and even get it personalized by embossing your name right on the bot.

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Why 3D Printed Parts for Bots?

3D printing is an emerging technology that is fascinating and promising. It is essential for the students to understand and learn about 3D printing technology. What is the best way than exciting them than providing them with the opportunity to work with the 3D printed parts. Hence, we design, print and use 3D printed parts in all our bots and products. What to know more about 3D printing please connect with us.