Arduino Mobility

A Robotic mobility course focusing on building bots using Arduino, Sensors and hardware. Students learn to design & create bots as per the requirement.

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What will you learn?

Stage 2 is a Robotics course i.e., Mobility with Arduino. Learners would master the concept of target-specific coding and use the prior knowledge about sensors and shields to build different types of bots. The Challenge would be to think creatively while coding the bots to increase their capabilities and purpose. Learners are given a free hand to explore.

Building bots would be both fun and demanding as their functional limitation would be the learner’s imagination. Equipping learners with kits, project instructions, knowledge, and more to enable them to push themselves beyond their comfort levels.


Arduino Mobility

A Kit Based Curriculum


Build Arduino-based rovers and arms to meet various application. Control and guide these rovers through terrains & win challenges.

Explore Bluetooth technology and application to master the mobility using Arduino.


60 Hrs of videos + Master Classes

01 - Arduino Programming

Theory + 20 Projects

02 - Arduino Input & Output

Theory + 12 Projects

03 - Mobility with Arduino.

Theory + 06 Projects

04 - Bluetooth & Arduino

Theory + 04 Projects

05 - Final Projects

Theory + 04 Projects

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    Kit Based Learning

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    120+ Projects

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3500 Refundable Protection fees are Mandatory for Rent a Kit


The right price for you, whoever you are

A project-based pedagogy to impart necessary skills with life long benefits. Master the concpets with confidence and move to next level.

Right Approach

Years of research resulted in what we are offering. Students start at the basic level to systematically build necessary skills towards AI.

Practical Learning

Kit-based learning emphasizes converting knowledge into skills through numerous projects that build conceptual understanding.

Student Engagement

Students are engaged with meaningful projects, not just connecting wires but solving real problems using technology.

Mentor Support

Students receive watchful and supportive guidance from experts in the field, with periodical and on-demand support for better progress.

Positive Competition

Challenging students to showcase their learning through competitions, hackathons, code challenges, etc., keeping their minds engaged in problem-solving.

Kit-based Learning

We believe in Hand-on experience. Not following instructions to connect equipment but a thorough understanding to solve real-life problems.

Video and text-based projects with clear instructions to convert knowledge into skills.
Structured Curriculum.
Courses designed from basic to advanced levels to meet needs of all types of learners.
Final Projects
High level final projects to put together acquired skills and solve real-time social problems
Personalized dashboard-based learning for support and guidance.
Walnut card tray with white powder coated steel divider and 3 punchout holes.Walnut card tray with white powder coated steel divider and 3 punchout holes.Walnut card tray with white powder coated steel divider and 3 punchout holes.Walnut card tray with white powder coated steel divider and 3 punchout holes.

Master Classes

Periodical Engagement with Experts

Pre-scheduled technical & demo events with experts to engage & encourage students to push themselves for project-based learning.

Unlimited Events

Learners could enroll and attend as many master classes as possible to build confidence and necessary skills.

Continuous Support.

We encourage learners to avail 24 x 7 support from our expert related to their learning and projects.

Submit Projects.

Challenge yourself by planning major projects. If selected, you would work with our team and publish.

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    • AI-tinker is the go-to platform to learn robotics from scratch. Its teaching methodology equips you with the knowledge that is relevant, with lesson progressions that build a foundation upon foundation.

      Mayukh Sharma
      New Delhi
    • The courses on Arduino with Advance Electronics are a great way to have a soft start in robotics. My kid didn’t have any experience before and found that the coding and building were taught very instructively.

      Sneha Batham – Parent
      Anshul - Robotics Student
    • I love this course. It is great. I am a beginner and so far I understand it.

      Anjali Reddy – Hobbyist
    • Finally a platform for the community of RoboGeeks, where one does not only have the opportunity to acquire the know-how of robotics, but can also meet and connect with others who share the same interest!

      Rahul Vallamalli
      Robotics – Enthusiast
    • Very easy to understand. The slides and quizzes make this course easy and interesting. Beign a parent, this is the best gift I could give to my kid.

      Suma Kolangodi – Parent