Robotic Pet

A Programmable Robotic Pet that is eager to learn Skills and Entertain you. Enjoy building and teaching new skills through code.

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  • 2 Free Online Sessions
  • 3D Printed Parts
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Self Learning Videos
  • Servo Motor Tuning
  • 12 Degrees of Freedom
  • Build & Code Instructions
  • Upgrade to Humanoids
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Product Type: Kitbased

Series: Programmable Robot

Age Group: 10+ Years


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How Does it Work?

BOSCO is a great Robotic Pet to have. It works on multiple servos, microcontroller, and coding. Bring Bosco to life and using 3D printed parts and using electronic parts.

 It is powered by advanced microcontroller loaded with multi-functional code. You could control the movement and skills through AITINKR’s mobile application.
Interesting Build:
Build BOSCO using all 3D printed and handcrafted parts to meet the perfection. Learn mechanical skills and creativity while have fun. This challenge would turn you into a great robotics engineer.
Coding & Skills:
Learn to code this unique bot and improve it as you like. Teach new skills and achieve complex moves. Challenge yourself and others by showcasing your skills. This is best bot to learn both mechanics and coding.

Explore BOSCO

A Robotic Pet

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BOSCO is your advanced Robotic Pet. It can showcase skills, bark, and perform other tricks to make learning a fun activity. Build and teach new skills through code. This advanced bot comes with more that 12 degrees of freedom making it interesting and challenging robot to learn.

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BOSCO is a robotic pet that is eager to learn skills. It is a unique bot with high degrees of freedom and loaded with fun-filling learning experience. Enjoy building Bosco to understand current tricks and to teach new tricks through code.

Unboxing Bosco?

It is your Robotic pet eager to engage with you to learn skills. Have fun while teaching and building the bot.

How to Build ?

Just follow the instructions and build the bot in no time. Of course, you could have hours learning while coding for each skill.

Bosco's Dayout

It is your Robotic pet eager to engage with you to learn skills. Have fun while teaching and building the bot.

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