Technical Data

Analog Inputs :
5 No
Digital Inputs :
10 No
Touch Inputs :
5 No
PWM/Servo :
8 No (8 channels)
BO Motor Connectors :
4 No (2 channels)
Motor Driver :
Yes (L293D)
Servo Dedicated Supply :
5V 4 Pins (In port 2)
Bluetooth :
Bluetooth® 5 LE and Bluetooth® mesh
Wi-fi :
2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.11b/g/n
I2C Pins :
4 No. (2 for each SCL SDA)
Display :
0.96 Inch OLED (SSD1306) monochrome
Camera :
OV2640 (2 MP)
Navigation Switches :
5 No.
Power Supply :
Recommended 9V 2A (MAX voltage 12V)
Battery :
7.4V Lipo/Li-on
External Memory :
SD card (32mb)
Comm.Protocols :
Dimensions :
100mm x80mm
Board Manufacturer :
Country of Origin :
Manufacturer Address :
Madhapur, Hyderabad – 500081, Telangana


  • An Out-of-the-box, ready-to-use Middle-level IoT development kit.
  • Analog and Digital Inputs
  • Onboard camera to support IoT and AI-CV applications
  • Direct 4 off DC motor connections with onboard Motor Driver
  • Direct Servo Motor connections with separate 5V DC supply for protection and performance
  • Supports BLE communication (Bluetooth)
  • Onboard OLED display that would be extended with other displays
  • Supports direct touch sensors (4 No.)
  • Board mounted DC Jack for external power supply
  • SD card reader for external memory
  • Onboard navigation buttons for game or control
  • MQTT server connectivity through Application

Package Includes

1 x AIoT Development Board Kit with sensors, components, and enclosure.

About AIoT

SchoolforAI’s AITinkr proudly launces India’s first IoT development board for novice and experienced Robotics Enthusiasts, AI practitioners, Product Developers and College Students. This out-of-the-box IoT development board uses powerful ESP32-S3 that is capable of handling simple Robotics applications to AI based applications such as chatbots, computer vision, etc. This board was designed to revolutionize Robotics, IoT and AI application development as well as keeping it simple so that everyone could learn the concepts well.

This board is capable of offering Bluetooth (BLE) along with Wi-Fi that enhances its capabilities and to enable you build futuristic projects. This board is equipped with 512KB SRAM, 4MB Flash (QUAD SPI), 2MB PSRAM (QUAD SPI) along with external SD card reader to support files for AI applications. It has 0.96inch OLED onboard display, 2MP onboard camera, Keyboard with 5 ADC Keys, onboard pot, Type-C port and more to suit simple to challenging applications. It is ready to accommodate and program computer vision and speech recognition applications. The capabilities of the board would be extended to accommodate Chatbot using OpenAI development platform.

This kit comes with various components, sensors, cables, documentation etc. to facilitate using it out-of-the-box. Along with this every kit is offered with a platform to connect to MQTT server, documentation, support and more. This is ideal for learners would be like to experiment with the board and learn the concepts. Video tutorials and projects enhances the learning capabilities of the user.

Get connected with the dashboard and explore the features and projects that are useful to learn Robotics, IoT and AI. This must-to-have board could be easily customized or expand its functionality to suit various applications. Try this unique yet powerful board today to build projects and prototyping. If you are a Robotics Hobbyist, Educator, Engineering Student, or a product developer this board is just for you.


  • AI-CV related projects
  • AI Chatbot
  • IoT projects for remote and local control
  • Library Management System
  • Robotics mobility projects
  • Edge AI in Industry 4.0
  • SMART Home / Home Automation
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Handheld gaming control
  • Humanoid Bots
  • Reminder messenger
  • Lighting applications



Prototype your Idea. Start using AIoT Board today.

Everything you need on a Board

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A perfect, fully loaded board to support learning and practising AI, IoT and Robotic Projects. Go Prototyping.

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Open Dashboard.
Enjoy free dashboard access, content, projects and support to master the board and contribute to the community
MQTT Server
Connect the development board with the MQTT server to build IoT local and beyond -the- boundary projects.
Free Projects
Start your journey with simple to advanced projects to understand the IoT concepts and learn from the community.
Kit Based Learning
AIoT Development board comes as a kit containing components and sensors to start using it out of the box.
Online Support
Extensive support from our team and the community to guide you through your learning and prototyping.
Competitions & Challenges
Participate in the challenges to interact with the like-minded and improve your skills.


Connectivity and interface options are vast, with dedicated pins for I2C, enabling easy communication with other devices and sensors. Bluetooth connectivity allows for wireless communication, adding a layer of convenience and accessibility.

Unboxing AIOT Development Board ?

Witness the unboxing of the AIoT Development Board Kit and identify the parts. Explore the potential the board has to offer you for your learning and skill enhancement.

How to Use it ?

It’s easy. After purchasing your kit visit AITinkr’s AIoT dashboard and explore the options including the MQTT server and sample projects to start your journey.

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