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ai, robotics & 3d printing


Bot Building &

Home Automation

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10 Sessions

10 Sessions


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Online Mode

Receive the learning kit at your doorsteps and join the mentor-led online sessions

  • Receive Kit @ your Home
  • Economical Pricing
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Doubt Sessions
  • Mentor-Led Online Class
  • Supporting Videos
  • Expert Interaction
  • 8,499/-*

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Kit Based Learning

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Offline Mode

Participate and learn among your friends in this mentor-led summer program.

  • Daily in-person Class
  • Doubt Sessions
  • Mentor-Led Program
  • Work with Groups
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Videos for learning
  • Expert Interaction
  • 9,999/-

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Kit Based Learning

(Excluding Lunch and Transportation)


Robotics | AI | bot building

  • - Robotics - Sensors & Microcontrollers
  • - Algorithm Thinking & Programming
  • - Home Automation
  • - Building Robotic Arm
  • - AI - Intro, Opportunities & Challenges

5 Sessions

10 + 5 Hrs

Bot Building


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Decoding 3-Critical Areas of Autonomous Robots

Every autonomous machine has 3 essential components - Artificial Intelligence for Brain, IoT for remote Access, and a functioning Robotic body. This is the best approach to encourage and engage children to pick a course that suits their aspirations.

Standing Laptop

Online or Offline



5 Core Areas of AI Applications

Simplifying the understanding of the purview of AI through analysis of its 5 core applications, thus simplify the learning and encouraging experiential learning – Explore the world of AI from Data Science to Deep Learning.



Forecasting and Predicting using numerical or string data to support the decision making process, a key functional advantage for the management team

STEAM for Career-Neutral AI.
Includes AI4K12

Following guidelines of a standardised national initiative to facilitate AI instruction for the K-12 audience.

  • Perception: Understanding machine perception and how they ‘hear’ and ‘see’ the world around us.
  • Representation & Reasoning: Constructing representation of the world to reason using algorithms.
  • Learning: Finding the hidden patterns in the data to ‘learn’ and solve problems or support decisions.
  • Natural Interaction: AI is currently at the child-level learning to behave, express and interact like humans.
  • Societal Impact: Leveraging the power of AI to find solutions for societal problems without bias

Why 3D Printed Parts for Bots?

3D printing is an emerging technology that is fascinating and promising. It is essential for the students to understand and learn about 3D printing technology. What is the best way than exciting them than providing them with the opportunity to work with the 3D printed parts. Hence, we design, print and use 3D printed parts in all our bots and products. What to know more about 3D printing please connect with us.