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A unique combination of pick and place bot and programmable arm is the Scoop that could automate your repetitive tasks.

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SERIES: Action Bot

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How Does it Work?

SCCOP Bot is a 3-in-1 design that could work as a simple mobility bot, a pick and place bot, and a programmable automated arm that makes it unique in its design and operation.

Primarily powered by microcontroller to navigate, pick and place objects and also program the automated actions through the mobile application. This control is possible while on the move or being stationary depending on the application
Interesting Mods:
It utilizes 3D printed parts, sensors and mobile application to achieve the unique applications. Get hands-on experience while building the bot, learning to setup, code it and train it as per the application.
Coding & Skills:
This unique bot is fun to learn and code. It has both Artificial Intelligence features and robotics making it a unique combination. Learn to code and improve it to meet new challenges.

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Automated Arm

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Pick and Place is a common industrial application and programmable arm is part of industrial automation. These both features are combines along with mobility and thus evolves Scoop. It is unique 3-in-1 bot with interesting features to learn concepts of automating movement. Learn coding and hardware skills to learn this high in demand skills.

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SCOOP is a unique bot that has mobility, pick and place and programmable arm integrated into a single unit. The kit contains all the hardware, sensor modules, servo motors, and code to achieve all these. It is possible to utilize the mobility feature to reach place and enable pick and place or automated arm. Learn to code and build solutions for the real-life problems.

What is SCOOP ?

SCOOP is a unique bot that has mobility, pick and place and programmable arm integrated into a single unit and even the user who is using it.

How to Build

Just follow the instructions and build the bot in no time. Of course, you could have hours learning while coding for each skill.

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